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Term & Conditions

All work completed and parts replaced by our technicians are covered under our limited warranty for a period of 180 days. The warranty applies only to the specific repairs completed by New Electronic Place Ltd. as stated in the Electronic Repair Service Report, and NOT any failures caused by improper installation or misuse/abuse of the equipment by the end user The 180 day period starts from the date the equipment is shipped trom New Etectronic Place Ltd. It is urged that all equipment be tested by the end user immediately after being received. On warranty repairs determined legitimate by New Electronic Place Ltd., we will cover the cost of shipping for the return of the equipment to the customer. The customer will be responsible for any shipping costs incurred to send the equipment to New Electronic Place Ltd. for evaluation. A minimum inspection fee of $150.00 is applicable to any quoted item regardless of whether or not the end user chooses to proceed with the quoted repair. Any equipment determined to be N.E.R.(Not Economically Repairable) is also subject to a minimum inspection tee ot $150.00. The inspection tee covers the costs incurred in determining an accurate cost for the repair of the quoted item. Unless specific arrangements have been made with New Electronic Place Ltd., New Electronic Place Ltd. is not responsible for any items left in our possession tor more than 90 days.